Alt+f=ƒ is the digital term for the shortcut to alternative form. It alludes to a new publication which aims to shift design to a context free of commercialism. The publication also has an ambition to expand our view of design by communicating more aspects such as process, manufacturing, identity, norm critics etc. The magazine has an artistic quality focusing on inspiring editorials with seven related interviews by Swedish designers and artists. Not only is it the storytelling that breaks norms but also the graphic design. With its black digital look alt+f=ƒ paper shows the current design and interior magazines that design can be contextualized in an alternative way.

Interviews in this issue: Sara Sjöbäck, Josefin Gäfvert, Carl Cyrén, Elin Wollin, Hannah Blitz Heyman and Studio Brieditis & Evans.

Two different covers, 140 pages, English.

Graphic design: Måns Peterson
Curated by: Melinda Urbansdotter

Buy at Arranging things and S.W.O.O.N.S


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