Using the wall as my starting point, I've explored the spatial element through emotion and materiality. Being a designer with a background in textiles and a fascination for the properties of metals, the delimitation of the materials was very important. I’ve treated the material as a tool for dividing space; letting the surface become the boundary that defines a room. The material of the wall is interpreted as changing in the sense that, from far away, it shifts from silver to light gray, and as you move closer, the woven structure reveals itself. Since the metallic contexture of the wall communicates like a textile object, it creates an illusion where the structure and material's characteristics do not conform to its real hardness. Through an extremely subtle detail in one corner of the wall, I have left my mark — like a piece of art. The signature is a piercing, significant to my persona.

Graduation project 2018, Beckmans College of Design.

Awards: ’Best design process’
Scholarships from KKV konstnärernas kollektivverkstad and Nordiska Galleriet

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